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An All Day Workshop with DR. LAURIE MISCHLEY,



Laurie K Mischley, ND, MPH, PhD, is a naturopathic physician and a nutritional neuro-epidemiologist. The focus of her work is on describing conditionally essential nutrients in PD and attempting to describe the nutritional status and requirements unique to individuals with neurodegenerative diseases. Her latest paper on the subject is the Role of Diet and Nutritional Supplements in Parkinson’s Disease. She is also Associate Clinical Research Professor at Bastyr University, where she is an associate clinical investigator of PD studies.

Stuart H. Isaacson, MD is Director of the Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Center of Boca Raton, where he directs a team of movement disorder neurologists and clinical coordinators combining a holistic approach to medical therapy with access to one of the largest Parkinson’s clinical research centers in the US. He has been involved in over 200 clinical trials and has served on national and international committees for many drug development programs, seeking to advance development of emerging symptomatic and disease-modifying therapies. Dr. Isaacson has authored or co-authored nearly 200 abstracts, journal articles, and book chapters, and has presented research results at national and international scientific meetings.

Michael Rezak, MD is Director of the Movement Disorders Center and Deep Brain Stimulation Program at Vassar Brothers Medical Center. In practice for about 30 years, he has recently relocated from Chicago to join the Health Quest Movement Disorders Program in Poughkeepsie, NY. Dr. Rezak has been at the forefront of research trials for Parkinson’s and has published and presented many works on the subject. Dr. Rezak and his team focus on integrated methods to treat the whole person and help them achieve good health with Parkinson’s. Dr. Rezak was named “Top Doctor” in 2011 by U.S. News and World Report.







“We felt for the first time that we had some control over the progression of myParkinson’s by implementing your suggestions for diet, exercise, alternative therapies and supplements based on the extensive knowledge of my personal health from all the lab work included in the program."


“I learned what to eat and more importantly what not to eat based on Dr. Laurie Mischley's latest research. I also learned about supplements I could take that would help me. I learned what toxins to avoid and to remove from myenvironment. I have probably had PD for 14 years, but it was not until I took toxins out of my environment, started eating properly, added the supplements and continued with my exercise regimen that I have had great results. I move better now, and feel better now ... didn't think it was possible.”

“The idea that nutrition could play a role in the treatment of Parkinson's  was somewhat foreign to me, but I thought it would be a good experience to learn about something new. It turned out to be a great experience that has helped me refocus my energy on new, different ways to manage my symptoms and I believe it has put me on a better path to getting the most out of my body. Dr. Laurie Mischley is a beacon of hope for so many people with Parkinson's. To feel empowered instead of scared (which is the typical feeling I get when attending PD trainings) was amazing. Life changing.”


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