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Sparks of Life is on a mission to empower you to develop the initiative, motivation and ability to conquer PD's daily challenges. Learning how to nurture and nourish the body in the face of PD will motivate you to replace unhealthy habits to achieve your best quality of life.


Join over 300 men and women with Parkinson’s, and their caregivers. Gather at the upcoming workshop to glean practical skills and strategies for conquering your symptoms. Learn how you can live better every day.


Sparks of Life was founded three years ago by Rabbi Moshe Gruskin. Our mission is to bring Parkinson’s awareness and support to the Jewish community by providing




Emphasize balance, core strength and stamina while improving your range of motion, flexibility, posture and gait. Boxing participants have proven that anyone, at any level of Parkinson’s, can lessen their symptoms and improve their daily living and the speed and precision of daily activities.
We are a licensed Rock Steady Boxing® affiliate.



Instantly enhance physical and neurological health while having fun.
Using music, rhythm, expression and breath conditioning, put your body in motion and reawaken feelings of joy to elevate mood, change old behavior patterns, and create new positive habits. Learn cognitive strategies that redirect the brain and guide the body. Proven effective in helping with tremors, freezing, gait and balance. We are the only studio in the U.S. that teaches the Gyro-Kinetics method developed by Alex Kerten, author of Goodbye Parkinson’s Hello Life.


Stretch and strengthen using your own body weight to help relieve stress, conserve bone tissue, build muscle and promote posture alignment in a calm, relaxing workout.


Learn how to use breathing techniques and posture to strengthen the vocal muscles and boost vitality for significantly improved volume, expression and communication. A joyful class of music and rhythm, you can even learn how to sing! 


A positive attitude is vital for success with PD. Guest speakers, group shares, and educational talks motivate and inspire you to give life your all.

SparksPersonal Training 

One-on-one training sessions provide privacy and flexibility. Engage a trainer to create a program of therapeutic movement customized to your needs.


I am thrilled to support Sparks of Life as a vibrant and energetic partner in our fight against Parkinson’s Disease.

- Dr. Steven Frucht
Director of Movement Disorders, NYU

Sparks of Life is serving a community of people touched by Parkinson’s that until 2016 had no resources…By teaching people with Parkinson’s that there are things they can personally do to improve their lives and that they aren’t alone goes a long way.  The WPC is thrilled to count Sparks of Life among its Organized Partners and looks forward to watching them continue to serve their community and grow, until a cure is found for Parkinson’s.

- Elizabeth Pollard
Executive Director, 

World Parkinson's Coalition

Susan Lust, Managing Director, SPARKStudio

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