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Special Offer!

PD Lab Tests with Personalized Analysis

As part of Living Healthy with Parkinson's, we encourage you to have laboratory tests done through Dr. Mischley’s office prior to the event.

These tests will enable you to receive individualized guidance according to your own biochemistry and achieve maximum benefit from the conference. Your lab results will be handed to you on November 3rd at registration.

Email Lindsay at pdschoollabs@gmail.com to register for laboratory tests and to receive full information.


Fee: $300 for PD Blood Labs (valued at $1700).

Deadline: Offer is no longer available.


Q Do I need to get the lab tests in order to attend the conference?
A No, the panel of laboratory tests is recommended but not required.

Q Why are the lab tests recommended?

A  It has been Dr. Mischley's  experience that people who have their test results on hand during the lecture walk away with a personalized treatment plan. They know what deficiencies they have, why they are relevant, and what they need to do about it.

Q What will I gain without the lab tests?
A Dr. Mischley will discuss multiple aspects of how nutrition relates to the symptoms and progression of Parkinson’s. She will discuss the role of dietary and non-dietary nutrients, nutritional supplements associated with accelerated and reduced rates of progression, clinical signs and symptoms of nutritional deficiencies, and how to test for nutritional adequacy. This is all valuable information that can help you even if your own lab results are not on hand at the time.


Q Can I get my lab results ahead of time?
A No. The results will be provided to you when you arrive.


Q What if I’ve recently had a physical exam that included labs?

A It is highly unlikely that your primary care provider or neurologist ordered this specific panel of labs as they are not conventionally associated with Parkinson’s . 

Q Can I get some of the tests but not others?

A No, it’s a package deal. We have negotiated a discounted rate of $300 for the entire panel, which usually costs $1,700.

Q Can my own physician order these tests?

A Yes, your own physician may be able to order these tests. We are offering this panel now for your convenience, at a reduced cost through Dr. Mischley’s office, to streamline the process in anticipation of the upcoming workshop. 

Q Will my insurance cover these tests if I order them through my own doctor?

A The provider that orders the tests is responsible for justifying to your insurance company why they are medically necessary. Your final bill can vary anywhere from $600-700 (your “portion” with insurance coverage) to $1,700 (the full cost if insurance coverage is denied).

Q Is follow-up care available?

A The goal of this workshop is for attendees to leave empowered with new knowledge and a clear sense of direction. If a nutritional deficiency is discovered, your primary care provider and neurologist should be able and willing to work with you to resolve the problem. Dr. Mischley recommends that every individual with Parkinson’s should have these lab tests done at diagnosis and every year or two after.


Dr. Mischley sees patients via telemedicine (video conference/phone) and in person out of her Seattle-based clinic for those individuals interested in pursuing follow-up care or a long-term relationship.